Publicity, what publicity?

This made me smile, it turned up in my inbox recently from WordPress!


We recently discovered that an error in our system caused your site, sypjsu, to be hidden from search engines by default.

We’ve updated sypjsu for you so that search engines can now find it and include it in search results. But if you prefer to stay hidden from search engines, you can update your site’s visibility in your Settings.

Not sure if you’d like search engines to find your site? Read more about these Visibility settings.

Sustaining Your Practice (SYP) is a course about ‘getting it out there” engaging with the world as an artist and here I am engaging with a void.

I’ve had some communication from FTN about their next event and it doesn’t look likely that I will be presenting. The event itself has been shifted to June (from ‘Spring’) and the topic being mooted is likely to be ‘health’, though it doesn’t seem fixed as yet, but I got the sense that I was being let down, albeit very gently. It was always a long shot, given my relative position in both research and academic experience.

So I have some real decisions to make about presentation. I don’t feel an exhibition is the right means; nor, but to a lesser extent will a book be – certainly not at this stage. My thoughts around an artist talk/web-based presentation still hold and I will write those thoughts up in Assignment Two of the course.

I am now investigating an Oxford based artist collective. They have some space in the centre of the city and, for a relatively low fee, I can become an associate. This connection will provide me some ‘virtual’ exposure in the wider world, links to my website (still haven’t launched it – something seems to be holding me back!), their Twitter feed and entry into the ‘Oxford Open’ (though no guarantee of selection). I have already done some photography for them on a commercial (low pay rate) basis, so I’m not quite unknown.

I have started a new blog around my next project “Legacy“. I have a strong sense that this new project will drive a lot of the work for SYP.



3 thoughts on “Publicity, what publicity?

  1. Isn’t that typical. Just so long as that doesn’t happen with the new website. Do you know what’s holding you back from launching it?
    That’s disappointing about FTN but the Oxford art collective sounds very promising.

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