I’m just playing at this stage and wondering whether this approach has validity to my next project. All the while I have listened to my recording’s and also subsequent discussions with my twin sister I am troubled by the notion of layers. Maybe it’s the ‘screen memory’ issue that I researched for my dissertation and which informed by BoW. Maybe its because the more I research about memory and its relationship with family history, the more I find that truth is a mediated expression of the fiction we cling to from our past. My mother is no more lying to me than she is telling an unexpurgated truth, I do not believe she is deliberately misleading me, other than to frame herself in a particular and changing light. So an environment that isn’t fixed, neither one thing or another. The quicksand that disables the surety of a fixed contextual reference. One episode unmasking another, either spoken or left unsaid.

Here are a few images:



4 thoughts on “Layers

    • At the moment I’m playing with the aesthetic, to see if it can work. So far I’m only using new imagery but I’m considering using archive material as well. In the end I suspect the “screen” might well be Freud’s!

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    • Time is really important to memory, perhaps especially in a familial sense – but, as I say to Keith – this is an exercise in aesthetics at the moment. But I’m interested to see what you gauge from the images.


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