Assignment Five – (post feedback) in readiness for Assessment

Assignment Five

Essay on the talk at the July 2016 symposium “New Pastoral Paradigms: Landscape and the Self”

The Artist Talk – essay

Video of the performance:

Feedback from Gesa Helms – student attendee on the day:

“Hi John,

I really enjoyed the trip and the day as a whole. I think the event worked very well in terms of what it presented and who Jesse brought together to talk about their work. For me it was in particular useful to see the resonances across the pieces in terms of how the presenters related themselves and significant others in the frame of the image and the wider project by drawing on the environment — I think the discussion of landscape was really useful for me to put that term to the side for my own work but also for how I want to understand other people’s work.

Your presentation was a great opening set and as I said to you: I really valued how you moved on with the text and how the text and image did not relate and intersect each other. That you were able to bring the box was really useful: I think it is that format and that kind of intimacy that works for the project; though I also realise that I didn’t look through the set as a whole (I think the setting was a bit too busy for me to do that). As you mentioned, it was a shame that the projection was so poorly calibrated and the images too bright, I think your set suffered possibly most from that technicality. To end with the video and the voicing of those two sentences was most excellent: the variation in meaning intoned by different speakers was so useful for your discussion of memory and I look forward to seeing how this develops!”

The prompting notes for the talk are here: sheffield-ppt



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