Assignment Three – (post feedback) in readiness for Assessment


*update – I have received an Unconditional offer from Birmingham City University to study for an MA. Chuffed!

One of the chief ambitions of Assignment Three became the readiness and application thereafter to study for an MA. If successful it might be seen to provide the engagement with artistic practice sought for in the course and probably some form of calibration of my own burgeoning practice. As the course material is now due to be delivered to the college for Assessment, I have decided to provide this short commentary in respect to my current status in respect to enrolling on an MA course.

There are a plethora of applicable courses that one might aspire to including both distant, campus-based, full and part time. Additionally there is a question regarding whether one might follow a Fine-Art course or a Photography Course.

I have decided to try for two courses:

Firstly at Birmingham

And secondly at Westminster

The Universities have differing entry processes, Birmingham requires the student to apply directly whereas Westminster the student applies through UCAS. Both request personal background information though the level of detail for UCAS is much deeper and perhaps useful for their data collection rather, perhaps, than Westminsters!

My tutor, upon hearing that I planned to go to Birmingham’s Post Graduate recruitment “Open-Day” suggested that I meet the head of the course and introduced me to him. The “Open-Day’ was very beneficial and enlightening and my application was made soon afterwards. The same Head of Course contacted me shortly afterwards and invited me for interview.

Westminster’s procedure is somewhat different and perhaps a bit more formal. The UCAS process – seemingly administered by UKPASS – takes a lot longer to complete and requires more information. I got in contact with their head of Photography MA and was invited in for a meeting to which I received a tour of the facilities. Soon after my application was received I was invited to send in a portfolio of my work – electronically.

I decided to research MA interviews and received some very valuable advice about typical interviews, what was important to remember etc.

I think it appropriate to say something about my decisions and choices of courses.

The Birmingham course is a Fine Art Course is able to be full or part-time – its full title being MA Art and Design: Interdisciplinary Practices. This is a relatively new course which follows the course structure of the established Fine Art course but which places an emphasis on finding a collaborative partner outside the confines of the Art School. In my case this would be, hopefully, in the school of Psychology where I could continue my research into Memory whilst applying it to my developing practice. Discussion with the Head of School suggested that this would be fine and that he had experience in that area.

The Westminster course is a Photography Course, also able to be full or part-time, it is a very well respected course and one which was recommended to me by several tutors and practitioners. I see this course would also help me to continue my thoughts on memory, perhaps especially in relation to the position of camera/photograph as memory/index in relation to truth and post truth. I have now heard that I was unsuccessful in this application.


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