Assignment Five feedback and beyond to Assignment Three

The report on my Assignment Five submission might easily have rested with the first paragraph; I would have been extremely happy:

“This is an excellent submission, John. You have met and surpassed the criteria and produced something (a recording of your recent artists talk) that will be very useful to you in the future. In your talk (and the accompanying essay), you have clearly and concisely outlined the motivations of your project, your working methodology and the research that has consistently underpinned your practice.”

That it didn’t, but rather continued with notes and recommendations for further research and development, gives me added confidence moving forward.

My tutor concluded with this final paragraph:

“Thank you for your clear and well-composed essay, documenting your talk and the feedback and opportunities arising from it. Again, this is a clear and a thoroughly researched piece of work. In summation, this is possibly your best submission for SYP to date. Congratulations!”

My feedback was simply noting that the course has succeeded in setting the direction for many future aspects of my work/research post the course. I have a very strong sense of direction – though no final destination in mind.

I am absolutely delighted.


Assignments Four & Five were undertaken in advance of Assignment Three “Work Experience” and I have agreed the following strategy with Wendy going forward:

I will write a diary for the various projects I am currently setting out to do in the next three months, this will provide the context to a two thousand word essay – as prescribed by the assignment. I have a number of projects starting:

  • Continued development of the ‘False Memory’ project.
  • Curate and install three exhibitions as part of the “Off the Shelf” Festival in Sheffield.
  • Work to comprehend the Bank Street Arts exhibition opportunity with the associate artists from the Symposium in July.
  • Work with a Textile artist on a short collaborative project on ‘Memory’.
  • Create an application for further studies at MA level.

I shall now create a diary in manuscript, with intermittent blog posting until December 2016, before submitting for assessment in March 2017.

It really is like looking toward the end of one journey and I’m already looking forward to the next one starting an a years time.


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