Final run in.

I am in the process of completing Assignment Five which is being completed before Assignment Three – with the agreement of my tutor (Assignment Four is complete). Assignment Five – Publication evaluation and preparing for Assessment will take me a few days after I have received some resource regarding the ‘Artist Talk’, namely video footage to include within the write up. I am sure there will be continued reflection prior to assessment next year, but to intents and purposes Assignment Five is all but complete.

Assignment Three – Work Experience. I have been trying to develop the opportunity of a collaboration with either an institute or artist(s) for some time, and it may be that the process of collaboration takes some time – to build bridges &c. But also it may be that my relative inexperience is mitigating against me. However I am making progress. My aim now is to immerse myself, as an artist, for the rest of the year in readiness to submit my findings for assessment and beyond….

The list of activities confirmed or in investigations are as follows:

  • Residency at the Magdalan Studies in Oxford: awaiting feedback as to status. I will get back in contact after my trip to Arles.
  • Exhibit and curate Stephanie D’Hubert’s, Penny Watson’s and my own work at the “Sheffield Off the Shelf festival” which runs between 8th October – 29th.
  • Work in collaboration with Hanna Jedrosz, Michal Iwanowski and Christina Stohn on a follow up project post the Symposium in Sheffield on 23rd July.
  • Step up my work rate in respect to my memory project, and whilst looking for potential collaborative opportunities, make more work. Develop a project outline.


It would be difficult to draw conclusions about how an artist works just yet. The scope of my interaction with the ‘Artworld’ has been mixed. The life of a student is likely to be somewhat shielded by the institution that surrounds them, and in this case the OCA have been very professional, but then the water it swims in has is and is becoming more competitive. The world I have also been working in, that of a one person organisation, a sub-contractor to larger projects/organisation seems more tenuous. Less rigorous. That may be a perception, but I suspect that those who meet their commitments may receive more requests, and that will be my mantra.

Of course there is other side of ‘work’, that of making things, making work that expresses something. These past few months have been quite hectic with preparation towards the ‘Artist Talk’ and any new work has been on the back burner for too long. I need to make more work. It is becoming a burden that I haven’t much to show for the last three months or so. And August is such a drag to make work in, what with all the travelling and lack of peace and quiet.

Overall though I am in a very good place. I have plenty to get on with, I feel confident that with the projects lined/lining up there will be plenty of inspiration forming on the horizon.


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