First run-through

With less than two weeks to go before the presentation at the “New Pastoral Paradigms: Explorations in Landscape and the Self” I set myself the task of presenting a ‘dummy-run’ last night. Here are my thoughts:

  • I spoke too fast and it needs more content – it under-run by about ten minutes!
  • I missed contextual referencing from the narrative.
  • I realised, as I had hoped, the very real benefit of feeling the words in my mouth.
  • I’m content with the Auto timed PowerPoint presentation timing – although the image quality has yet to be viewed and checked.

My wife played the guinea pig for the dummy run last night; having a person to focus on – an audience – was vital to the process of performance. The first time speaking the (unwritten) script will likely always prove difficult – stumbling over words and phrase uttered for the first time and trying to ensure everything that needs to be said is etc etc. I received some constructive feedback, whilst at the same time knowing – as I spoke – some of the deficiencies in the narrative flow I had conjured. I have now re-edited and will have another run this evening.

The slide show runs for about 40 seconds a slide and should, with the number of slides I have made, run out at around 26 mins. I then plan to introduce and show a short video which sets the scene for where I am taking my work regarding memory. I have been informed that we may take questions during the talk or after. I am ambivalent as to the timing, I suspect I shall be very happy if I receive any questions!

I plan to present a more formal dummy run to the Thames Valley Group (TVG) this weekend, and I feel sure they will let me know what they think; final editing will happen as required after that event. My tutor reminded me that I need to have an idea of the ‘arc’ that I want to make with the presentation and this is something that I feel will be tested based on the feedback from the TVG presentation. It will be at this meeting that I will get an idea of the quality issues surrounding a PowerPoint presentation – again knowing I have some time to reconsider if necessary.

The running order of the day is now fixed, I am second to present which will leave me time to reflect on the other presentations without worrying about my performance. I am planning to stay in Sheffield the evening prior which will allow me to meet up with the fellow presenters and other OCA students. I am looking forward to the event with increasing excitement.




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