Getting it out there – Update, projection at the BPF

A pause for reflection on the process so far. Recently I have entered my work to Uncertain States 2016, the Brighton Open Fringe which will run alongside the Brighton Photo Biennial 2016, and have applied for a short term Residency at an Oxford studio allied to the University. I am presenting a paper at the New Pastoral Paradigms: Explorations in Landscape and the Self in Sheffield on July 23rd. Of course I would love to be accepted/chosen for them all, but reality suggests that I am unlikely to succeed at any. But here are my hopes:

Uncertain States – I know one of the selectors reasonably well and that may allow for some conversation around my work and thereby increase my visibility. Of all three, success here would be the most unlikely.

Brighton Open Fringe: Whilst there is an overall winner there are two downselect levels – long and short. The long list (of 100) provides the artists a ‘projection’ at the event and this would be, I think, the best I could hope for. It would mean a ‘place’ and a definite entry onto the CV.

It seems I have made the long list (only) and my work will be used as a projection. Happy with that!

“BPF16 would however like to show a selected image from your submission as part of a looped projection at our festival launch event on 1st October.”

The Residency, for me, is an unknown. The benefits as I see them are manifold; there is a requirement to interact with other artists – something I am already very keen to do – this could be a workshop or artist talk, which I am keen to do, but the possibility to wok collaboratively with another artist(s) is I feel another big step for me to take. This work, which is scheduled to start this autumn and which is therefore perfect for my course, would be a development of my memory work and would – if I make a reasonable grade at assessment – provide a stepping stone into any post graduate studies.

Whatever the outcomes of these ventures my work is ‘getting out there’. Many more people/artists/practitioners will have access to my work and the point isn’t fame but conversation. I feel so much that I am at the start of something, that there is still such a distance to travel and these opportunities might provide vital stepping stones along the way.

Exciting times.



3 thoughts on “Getting it out there – Update, projection at the BPF

  1. To me your progress seems to be accelerating at quite a rate and I think that’s great. Having written that I just remembered watching Brian Cox last night and seeing him in a plan keeping up with the sun!

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