I’m spending time considering how I might find ways to convey my thoughts about memory. I have been considering layers for a while now and fellow student Stephanie D’Hubert’s recent post sparked some more ideas. Some other ‘doodles’ follow, but this image seems to suggest some of what I’m feeling about memory currently.

Rachel Smith’s paper at the symposium in Doncaster is also still echoing in my mind, about “edges”, and I’m wondering about how transference across those edge boundaries might be described.


6 thoughts on “Disturbances

  1. I made a comment somewhere else (Facebook I think, although I can’t now find it). Thinking about edges and the use of colours opposite each other on the wheel to convey dislocation. How memories intrude on the present. I’m wondering as well what difference it would make if you blurred the edges the layer boundary.

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    • Thanks Catherine. Yes, I do think there would be a difference and I was careful to find a way to present this with a clear and distinct border. It’s about relying on memory as some kind of truth i.e. ‘I remember this so it did happen.’ As opposed to what my research is telling me, that memory is about as reliable as a politician’s promise πŸ˜‰


  2. Hi John….not sure about this particular approach… The square edges of the inserted image/processing seems very harsh and precise whereas memories seem to me to be more vague and ill defined. It feels a bit unsubtle… That said the concept of working with layers to represent the layered nature of memory seems in principle to be a great idea…

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    • Thanks for the thoughts Keith, much appreciated. I’m still working through ideas (there’s been quite a few so far πŸ˜‰ ). Perhaps when we get together we can have a slightly longer chat about it?

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