The course set fare

New Pastoral Paradigms – publicity for the symposium.

So, the course is set. I have been asked to present at the New Pastoral Paradigms:

Explorations in Landscape and the Self Symposium at the Bank Street Arts gallery in Sheffield on July 23rd. This event will be where I will perform an artist talk that will provide a forum to present my work – chiefly ‘I still look for him, I think I always will’ although I think an opportunity to offer a glimpse into some of my new work as well, as Assignment Five of the course.

Assignment Four of the course “Publication Draft” will be both a prepared presentation to my tutor but also I am hopeful to be able to give the presentation to the Thames Valley Group the week prior to the symposium.

Assignment Three ‘Work Experience’ will be deferred and I am hopeful of a collaborative venture with either another artist(s) or with a venue to display some of my new work around memory. I have started to actively consider whom I might contact in respect of this and have started the ball rolling.

Fortuitously I am attending a symposium this weekend – 21st May – entitled ‘Photography Matters’ I am hopeful to be able to be both stimulated by the presentations but also to find inspiration for how the artists present their work. I am unsure of the number of artist talks I have attended during the course of this course – I have organised a few – Fiona Yaron-Field, Johanna Ward, Chloe Dewe Mathews for example, and they have all had differing styles, none of which I plan to emulate, but rather learn from.

I expect to be busy for the next few months.





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