Another video on a similar theme.



11 thoughts on “Happening

    • Replying to both Stan and Catherine. Curiously I ‘believe’ Ellen as much as one or two of the older speakers, probably because I know them all very well – maybe I should either get complete strangers to speak or not worry because it is the reaction that is important?


  1. I tend to agree – though I don’t think it necessarily has anything to do with age, just the particular aspects of these particular ‘performances’. The concept of the work is good, John; I think there’s a lot of scope for continuing to develop it further & an even wider range of voices could be worth considering, maybe?

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  2. It’s interesting for me that I came to this video without having digested the history behind the event (I have now caught up by reading your other blog posts). Without prior knowledge I found the work has a universal quality. Different people remember things in different ways. Hearsay and mythology become embedded in memory as truths. I liked the range of voices. I would perhaps have preferred more variety in the actual words spoken but with the underlying memory constructs remaining the same. I like it that there is a mix of old and younger voices. The young have to rely on family folklore. The old may well have borne witness I like the way in which the video acts metaphorically – passage of time, fleeting memories, calmness following the passage of time. Wondered though if you might introduce other footage to stimulate a wider range of interplay between text and image. I think this work has great potential!! Hope all is good with you. I’m missing you all.

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    • Thanks for this Keith. I purposefully kept the quotations to a minimum – there are only four to try and exert some control on the numbers. I’m glad you brought the notion of time into your response tha seems to have passed most observers by.

      Anyway hope all is well, wherever in the world you are and wonder whether we might hook up when you are back to have a chat about the future?


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