Ellen’s story

There was a burden in readying the material for assessment which is now out of the way and I can now focus on developing work under the Legacy project heading. My trip to the Wellcome Collection yielded a significant amount of research leads primarily on the subject of memory, but perhaps more interestingly on False Memory. The subject of my relationship with my father become a dominant narrative thread in my major project and I am keen, at this stage, to leave that there. However the notion of False memory is intriguing me and I am wondering how true those memories were that fed the discontent regarding my past. For now though I want to work with the idea of false memory, how it might be represented and try and disregard the particular personal.

I’m suspecting at this stage that I will continue to experiment with form whilst I continue with the research into the subject. Interestingly my tutor suggested the Wellcome Collection library as a resource, looks like another trip to the Euston Road soon!

I’ve been wondering about the collaborative project for assignment three – which is being deferred for timing reasons to later this year – and in particular with whom I might perform that collaboration with. Wendy also suggested the following on idea of working collaboratively: “Regarding collaborators – this could also mean someone who is willing to host the work (a hospital or clinic, for example) so bear that in mind. I think at the outset it’s often to think where, ultimately, this work might go?”. My immediate thoughts were to consider the Oxford hospitals, perhaps in particular the Warneford Mental Health Hospital where I have worked for some time and with whom I have a strong personal connection in Tom.

I’m not sure that the ‘younger’ voice of Ellen is particularly developmental in this video. I need to do some thinking regarding the concept of introduced memory.


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