It has been a while since I posted here and so I thought I’d post some reflections on how the new work is developing.

The good news is that the ideas I had formed a short while ago about memory still seem worth pursuing. I won’t say that I’m sure of what narrative might emerge just yet, except to say that the structural element is how memory is malleable and capricious.

I’m particularly interested in this one – though the choice of portrait mode is incredibly impractical!

I have started to experiment with video and audio and have constructed various short pieces that appear to me as elements in the discussion. I suspect that most of what I’ve created so far will be developed more or ditched. I have shown some of the work to various people and a couple of groups: the Thames Valley Group and Forum – the print group I formed a dozen or so years ago. Several themes emerged from those crit’s chiefly though was the use of voice. I had edited some statements/sentences/remembrances from the audio archive I have made with my mother, I then transcribed them onto printed strips of paper and asked various people to read, digest and then read the words.

My process was to ask the players to read the words and decide to themselves what the words meant and to read them in that way. I then edited the words and coupled them to video sequences. The feedback I received was positive and though the works are short, they were asked to be shown again. What I did take away from all showings was the need for a younger voice. All my players were older people and the viewpoint of a younger person might add a different slant to the work. I have agreed with Ellen that she will read for me on a date to be fixed

The three videos shown are from my last post: https://sypjsu.wordpress.com/2016/04/19/video-work-summary/

The trip to Jo Spence’s exhibition “The Final Project” was inspiring and her use of ‘sandwich’ slides suggests that my work is quite timid in comparison and I feel I should be more adventuresome/daring. Until recently the work has only had elements of landscape – including sound – and I have felt that I needed to include people or a person to bring some corporeality to the work and I have looked to portraits I have previously made to include in the work. It is difficult to bring in work that has no relevance in the making to bare on this new work and I feel therefore that I will need to purposely work with models to bring that idea into being.

I am also attracted to work with music, including it into the narrative, though I am resisting that temptation as I instinctively feel that it would lessen the work.

My research into memory needs to be re-ignited and I am planning a trip to the Wellcome Collection where they have a space currently discussing “States of Mind” which features work on memory and the consciousness. Jayne Taylor suggested I have a look at Laurie Anderson’s new film ‘Heart of a Dog’ when it is released in a month or so.

On the self-promotion side of things: I am still waiting for my first letter of declination, but secretly hoping that it will be accompanied with some words of wisdom. The symposium I have been invited to present at has yielded no more information just yet, though I have no reason to think things have changed and I am planning to attend the conference in Doncaster where a number of OCA tutors are presenting and hoping to get some inspiration on presentation styles. My website has been left for a while now and my next step is to develop it by including a link to a blog. I have resisted the addition for two main reasons. Firstly that I need to have a stock of material to update it with and secondly, understanding that it will be a commitment to keep it fresh. I am thinking that after all the BoW and CS work has been handed in for assessment – a few weeks time! – I can devote some regular time to that.

The newer works above were released on Facebook. I chose to release them without any voiceover to gauge reaction, though I have to say I received very little, proving that trying to get an audience will be very difficult and arduous.


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