Publication Proposal

I suspect the easiest path to publish my “major project” is also the most expensive. I could simply negotiate some space at a gallery, mount the images in a way as to depict a narrative and pay the bill. There are some collateral issues to be resolved in taking that path – PV, advertising and marketing &c. However my reasons, at this stage, for resisting that path are firstly that I have had a few exhibitions before and I therefore think it would benefit me more to adopt another strategy. But perhaps more importantly I don’t think it is the right way for the work to ‘come-out’.

The web-site has now received a significant amount of critique, and whilst still a work in progress, I am encouraged with the way it represents the work. Additionally one of the ideas behind ‘Legacy’ is that it is, in itself a work in progress and I plan to add a link to the Legacy blog from the site. This will keep the web-site current and provide a straightforward reference point for interested parties.

It is of course possible that the way in which I bring the work into the open is by a slow osmosis. The web-site is working, the blog will develop it further and I can then use those platforms to research and engage with organisations and people who might have more than a passing interest. And to some extent that is what will happen in any case. However I do think that creating a platform for the work, will not only serve the needs of the course, but perhaps just as importantly it might provide a locus for attention to the work.

The recent PV that I attended in Hackney of Jolanta Dolewska’s new work – ‘Resevoir’ had the artist in conversation with a fellow artist who knew her work from her time at the RCA. The talk/conversation on the night wasn’t very inspiring but I thought the idea was, and I think with some reasonable planning it could provide a significant overlay of context to the work that simply hung images would not be able to do.

I’m currently thinking about a space that could hang some imagery – I’m wondering about how to represent the imagery here, not necessarily black frames on a white wall – have the box that I’m planning to use for assessment and maybe some of the artefacts. I’m also considering whether, if I use the artefacts, whether I should present them as if they were ‘found’ objects on a pedestal? And then have a conversation with someone who was appraised beforehand of the work and what we thought might be interesting. Whether the ‘hanging’ would last more than a day is something I would have to consider.

Geography is also a significant issue. Of course London is the obvious choice from optimizing the presence of people at an event, but costs will be higher – it is a balancing act. I’m also wondering about press; locally – Oxford – I might have more chance of coverage, but would that coverage be beneficial to my practice? Difficult to know, on the one hand it might alert other practitioners in the local area and on the other it is a much smaller ‘pond’ to go fishing in.



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