Towards Publication

Assignment Two – Publication proposal, is at first glance designed to fit the mould of a traditional trajectory for the student photographer. If my general direction of travel was towards an exhibition (end of year show or a gallery solo) or a self published book, then the ‘bullet points’ in the brief for consider would all be a natural progression. I am currently not purposing either for my work. Of course if an opportunity arose to exhibit the work then I would be very interested in considering it.

In my mind I can see myself presenting the work as an artist talk – per the course notes – and as a web presentation.

I have therefore some things to consider:

  • The BoW presentation will be for a specific audience – the Assessor – and I have designed a wooden presentation box which I am working with a local chap to construct it – I am hopeful for some detailed drawings in the short term. I realise that this will be a once-only presentation and specific to type for the event.
  • An artist talk would likely have the work as part of a image projection/slide show with me augmenting the imagery with context and narrative.
  • A website that either incorporates the work, alongside other work I have made (this is currently ready to go – just needs uploading via ftp). Or, perhaps slightly more broader and longer term a website dedicated to “Legacy” where I could situate the current work and future projects that would reside under the umbrella project term. A third option would be to have a “home-site” which would provide a link to the Legacy project yet also have other project work.

I will be spending most of my time on this course now that the dissertation – first draft – has been submitted. I suspect there will be a need to edit the essay post tutor review, but it shouldn’t need the focus that I gave it recently. However what I really want to do is to start on another project, editing the BoW for various presentation forms will take some time, and I still enjoy the work, but I need to consider a fresh challenge. An OCA tutor made the remark within my earshot that a Photography course is a visual course and that should be reflected in our (the student’s) output, whilst that tutor has never been mine, I agree with the notion that I should be making more images and so, with a New Year type resolution, I will make more images!


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