Assignment One post feedback on the subject of feedback

As part of the feedback it was suggested that I provide the following:

  1. A short descriptor on the artists work you have chosen to approach and a link to their previous work.
  2. A paragraph on why you have selected this particular individual.
  3. A couple of paragraphs on specifically what you want to receive from the feedback. (As discussed by Skype, there can be many reasons for seeking feedback. These can include requesting the following: feedback on the merits of the work itself (what are its strengths, what are its weaknesses?), pointers on how to further develop/strengthen the project further, technical feedback (i.e. where can I get book projects produced, etc.) and/or advice on how to distribute/get exposure for this project?) Be clear in your approach what you hope to get back from them.

The course assignment requires an approach to an industry professional for feedback, I had hoped that Fiona Yaron-Field would provide that feedback, although I sought feedback from various others – see later. Fiona is a practicing artist and psychotherapist and these twin perspectives would, I thought, be pertinent to the work I wanted feedback on. Fiona’s practice can be best described from her ‘about’ page on her webs-site as:

Fiona Yaron-Field is a practising artist who has been using photography for over 25 years. She is a qualified Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, Photo-voice trained participatory photography facilitator and author of ‘Up Close,a Mother’s View’ (Bunker Hill Publishing,2008). She is a founding member of Shifting Perspectives – International Touring Exhibition challenging existing images of Down’s syndrome

Fiona is one of the founders and co-editors of ‘Uncertain States’ which holds talks, seminars, exhibitions and publishes a contemporary photography broadsheet.

Fiona has participated in symposiums, publications and international exhibitions

Research interests include: The role of photography in the process of Individuation.

I also sought feedback from Tom Cox whom I know as a practicing artist involved with art in the community and who has just completed an MA in Social Sculpture at Brookes University in Oxford – his blog-site is here – Tom provided some early critique into both how the work might be received and also some practical advice regarding presentation which I have included in my work.

Leigh-Anne James is a recent graduate with a first in Photography BA (Hons) from UWE. I asked Leigh-Anne because she has just passed through the ‘system’ and would likely have a well developed academic underpinning for providing critique.

In retrospect these three artists have a wide diversity of experience and practice which have helped me to comprehend a great deal about my project. Additionally I asked several students – from various levels in the course for feedback, principally from the perspective of how they perceived the work – its narrative, technical presentation &c. And finally the feedback at the Glasgow School of Art during the Family Ties Network event provided additional layers of feedback that I found immensely valuable.

The process of asking for feedback provided another very useful outcome, which was that I became more aware of what the project was ‘about’ and my comprehension of it, its narrative, became deeper and more focussed which also informed the editing process to an extent that I hadn’t considered.

As part of the tutor feedback with Wendy I began to realise that I had ‘missed a trick’! There might be many reasons to ask for feedback; naively I thought it might be about receiving structural feedback on the work as the only purpose. However it is a mechanism by which the work might be positioned for further promotion or development within the remit of whomever is being asked to provide feedback. Quite clearly the recognition that the reviewer might be able to help position the work for greater exposure is something that I didn’t countenance or consider. I need to consider how or where I might want to take this work – and its subsequent affiliated projects – and look there for more constructive feedback.

My new website is talking shape and will be ready to launch very shortly. However it is being suggested that I hold back on the launch until a while longer, “closer to the end” is being suggested – which I sense means that the work may develop further and that continuation would be better included, which is something I can’t argue with.


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