Post Assignment One feedback

Very happy with this feedback on the first assignment and with plenty of things to think about going forward. The course notes suggest starting this course slightly ahead of completing Assignment Five BoW and this makes so much sense. I will reflect on the suggestions and post upon them at a later stage, but suffice to say that Wendy’s technical note is another reason why I don’t like electronic submissions – whether for assignment purposes or for presenting the work. I had provided the work in print form for A5 BoW, so Wendy could witness the images as they are meant to be viewed. Nevertheless another lesson confirmed! Wendy’s notes here:

John Umney –Feedback: Assignment 1 – Sustaining Your Practice

SKYPE feedback – Monday 7th December (1 hour)

Many thanks for your submission for Assignment 1 for Sustaining Your Practice (‘Asking for Feedback’) which was composed of a blog submission with an embedded PDF doc. In this submission you have clearly evidenced the feedback received on your project to date and discuss a recent presentation of your work to the Family Ties Network (give the dates and location of this conference and link to the work of the organization on your blog).

In this assignment you are asked to seek feedback from an external professional, which you have successfully done. I’d suggest however that you preface this feedback with some more contextualizing information, using the points given below.

Provide the following:

  1. A short descriptor on the artists work you have chosen to approach and a link to their previous work.
  2. A paragraph on why you have selected this particular individual.
  3. A couple of paragraphs on specifically what you want to receive from the feedback. (As discussed by Skype, there can be many reasons for seeking feedback. These can include requesting the following: feedback on the merits of the work itself (what are its strengths, what are its weaknesses?), pointers on how to further develop/strengthen the project further, technical feedback (i.e. where can I get book projects produced, etc.) and/or advice on how to distribute/get exposure for this project?) Be clear in your approach what you hope to get back from them.

I am impressed by the amount of feedback you have sought out for your work, both in this assignment and in BoW. You provide cogent description and analysis on this feedback and practical description on how this feedback impacts on the further development of your work. Below, I have provided some technical notes on your PDF but frankly, I’m not too worried about this as this PDF will be superseded by a website for this project and the PDF will therefore not be the best way to show others this project.

TECHNICAL NOTES ON PDF: For the purposes of sending a PDF to an evaluator (as is suggested in this assignment), consider building a PDF that opens over two pages (i.e. images that can be read left and right – like an open book). Pay attention to the font size and the placing of the text on a page (I’d suggest that this should be central and the font should be smaller). This project doesn’t work as a vertical (i.e. top to bottom scroll, but had to read online more like a book I think). Also, check the resolution on the PDF. Too low a resolution can result in the text is too pixelated and the images not as sharp as they should be.


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