Assignment One, feedback request

The file below is the introduction to the work that I plan to take with me to Glasgow for the Family Ties Network event and also to send to Fiona Yaron-Field for feedback. I am hopeful that I will get some feedback in Glasgow, which will develop my understanding of the work and ways to develop it.


The file below is the latest edit of the work that I will send to Fiona and take with me as prints to Glasgow, The work continues to develop and alter in its narrative sequencing.  I have now become settled to it, to this work; finding that the narrative isn’t too tight that it prevents engagement with others – I was really pleased with Fiona’s initial reaction to one of the “Episodes” that I had made to introduce her to the work – that viewers/readers might engage and develop their own perspective.

Assignment One Submission pdf

One of my concerns is that I haven’t found time to re-develop my website. This is fast becoming a major priority. The event in Glasgow is ‘sold-out’ and whilst I have had printed some ‘business cards’ there will be some, those that are interested in my work perhaps, who will automatically assume there is a site to go to to view the work.

The last time I made a web-site I taught myself Dreamweaver enough to build my own from scratch. I want to the same again, except Dreamweaver has moved on considerably in the past five years, so I may have to enrol on a course or two to get reacquainted with it or some other application – Muse has been suggested.


6 thoughts on “Assignment One, feedback request

  1. Good luck at the weekend John…hope it goes well and you get some useful feedback. The work has really shaped up….would be happy to spend some time with you so that you can gauge my response to the work…. Will have to be after Xmas though as I am off the Australia next week. As regards the website. I used Weebly….it is pretty easy to use for basic applications…


  2. Thanks Keith. I’d really appreciate your view, so let’s make a date when you are back. I showed the work to my youngest (33) son today, it was an emotional experience!
    Hope it all goes well in Oz and see you when you get back.


  3. I was looking at a video of an interview with Jeff Wall the other day and he said something along the lines of he thinks Photography should be like poetry. This latest edit is very much like that for me. Delicate, cool tones, yet with such a sense of loss of the possibility of something and how those effects can linger until a way is found to start letting go.
    Page 16 came as a jolt, like a sudden memory re-surfacing, and then another one on page 17. I wasn’t sure about that at first but the final page seems to allow that to drift away again on a last sigh.
    I’m sure the weekend will go well for you John.


    • The texts needed to have a stronger sense of common ground, previously they were from all sorts of places and there was too much going on. There could have been many others.
      I have always liked the idea of poetry and the poetic in photography, and I see it in many artist’s work. It is something that I have striven for, so m really pleased that you think you can see it. Thanks.


    • I’m really glad you noticed that Stephanie, the structural echo was something that I worked on and also the tonal. I am just back from Glasgow and I think the work was received very well, I had lots of good discussions around it. Thanks for all your support


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