Feedback and Assignment One

I met recently with fiona yaron-field with a view to ask her whether she would be prepared to provide feedback on my BoW. I took with me my work descriptor and a sub-edit of images from the current edit. I explained that, should she be willing, I would make an edit, post the event at the Glasgow School of Art, for her to provide a review. We discussed the presentation form, and because she had seen the sub-edit, she said that a pdf would be sufficient as she confident of the print quality.

Last week I took my work, in its current form, to an artist for a critique. Tom Cox manages Artscape in Oxford and has recently finished his MA at Brookes in Oxford. I had hoped for about twenty minutes or so, but Tom was very generous and gave me ninety. Tom’s first questions were before he had even looked at the work: What did I want from this review? Very quickly I became aware that I hadn’t thought beyond wanting him to ‘look’ at the work and provide a response. “Was there any particular aspect of the work that I was interested in?” “How will I present the work?” I explained that I was scheduled to present the work in Glasgow on the 20th November and he asked how was the work going to be presented, to whom and what did I want from the presentation. Questions, questions and more…..

Subsequent to the meeting with Tom, I contacted Dr. Nicky Bird, one of the coordinators of the Glasgow event and we discussed how and in what format the presentation will be – I shall have a table-top and the various artists and academics will be milling around during a break in the formal proceedings. Tom had thought that some envelopes with a couple of images might be a good thing. The work is currently in an A5 size box and the images will be difficult to see by more than one person at a time. I have decided to create mini-narratives of up to six or seven images which I will place in envelopes – with some contextualizing on the envelopes – so that the attendees will have the opportunity to engage with at least some part of the work. I am grateful to fellow student Catherine Banks for her help with the envelopes. The rest will be up on the day to me to ‘sell-myself’!

I am very pleased that Fiona has agreed to see the work and have discussed this with my tutor who is happy with the choice of Fiona. I have also decided to seek further feedback from the Glasgow event, this idea was also echoed by Wendy, my idea is that post these bouts of feedback I shall rework the edit and submit it as assignment five for BoW.

My next step, after the FTN in Glasgow, is to write a brief for Fiona and then generate the pdf for her to review (and hopefully someone else recruited from the FTN event).

Both Tom and Fiona were complimentary about the work, though Fiona hasn’t seen it all, so I am encouraged by the reception so far. I now need to prepare four or five envelopes with different sub-edits – I like to think of them as ‘episodic narratives’ – to take to Glasgow.


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