New blog start

So, whilst I still have some ground to cover on BoW and CS, I am starting this final course in the overall programme of learning. To quote the course notes, this module is about “preparing the ground for continuing your photographic activity beyond this degree programme.”

There are many facets to being a professional that I now need to actively engage with; some that I have largely ignored as I have focussed on my the artistic development, which after all was my purpose, to develop my practice as a photographic artist. To comprehend and participate in the professional mores of an art-form that I have found for many years inspiring and rich with practitioners that I have a huge admiration for. My journey thus far has led me to places that I hadn’t known existed and away from what I thought was safe ground. Confronted me with issues that I had long thought I would never have to bring to the surface again, but opened up wonderful possibilities for me to investigate and develop responses to.

I had thought the journey might have been over before I started this final module, but I now realise that it is still very much in its infancy, and maybe I am able to better articulate what it is I want to do and say, but I can quite simply say that I am as excited at the start of this module as I was when I started my first module on the programme. SYP has a purpose for me, the course has therefore achieved its purpose.


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